Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Female Authority in Islam

I'll try to explain, why women in Islam aren't the doormats as they are usually depicted, without too much repetition of previous blogs with the same tags. See those for any proof of my next words. We, men and women, are created equally. Men aren't women's 'head', nor are they the 'real' representant of humanity, nor are they created in God's image. God isn't even a male, says Qur'anic verse 112:4. Men and women procreate differently, though. This results in a different life course for men and women. It's more likely, that women start at a career outside the home at a later moment in their lives than that men do. Women must start young, if they want a family; men can usually start at any time when they are past childhood. Speaking generally. This is the reason, why Qur'an lightens the duty (if applicable) to cover themselves for women past childbearing age, in verse 24:60. But there's no law to prevent women to start any career at any age, with exception of prostitution. And women aren't even barred from leadership in society; female leaders in religious history testify to that. Fir'aun's wife and Maryam, are examples. This is something we shouldn't forget. Something else we shouldn't forget, is that early Islam left us important female scholars, yes scholars, such as Aicha, wife of the Prophet. She explained many hadiths for us, answered questions, knew the Qur'an by head. And she wasn't the only one. All in, female authority does exist in Islam. The discussion shouldn't be necessary, really.